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How To Create A Indoor And Outdoor Fairy Garden

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You will be able to find items that are ideal for a fairy garden project at craft stores, garden supply centres and at dollar stores sometimes. Also Palmate's Fairy Garden Store is an online store that delivers quickly and has a great selection. You may also want to search for dollhouse items in secondhand stores. Not all of the items can be used outdoors, however I did find some perfect little miniature terra cotta pots.

We next started to place items and do the planting. We created a small garden path using crushed up seashells that resembled small stone. The girls then start to add in accessories.

It is very important that your miniature fairy garden design be laid out roughly first before you start to plant

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Gardening for Children

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Dirt is good for kids especially if it is responsible dirt. You can teach your children how to nurture and the value of hard work through gardening. There are many benefits of doing so.

Benefits of gardening

A backyard vegetable garden makes it easy to incorporate fresh vegetables into healthy meals and snacks, says Neier, who identified still more benefits from gardening as a family:

Planting seeds and watching them grow helps children learn about the growth process, the environment and the food they eat.

Weeding and watering a garden encourages physical activity and teaches responsibility.

Working side by side allows family members, including parents and grandparents, to develop new appreciation - and respect - for each other that will strengthen their relationship in and out of the garden.