How To Create A Indoor And Outdoor Fairy Garden

Fairy Gardens can add a touch of whimsy to your outdoor area. In children, they draw out their creativity and spark their imaginations. The concept behind a fairy garden is that small flowers, structures and plants are added in order to create a place full of magic where fairies can visit and bring blessings and good luck to your home.

I made an indoor fairy garden that I used as a centrepiece for a party. It turned out very nice. We have the garden still and I think it really would be lots of fun to have on a patio within a smaller space or on the top of a dresser. Fairy gardens don’t always have to be for sunny, bright outdoor garden spaces.

You can get started with any container or tray you may have already. I used a big wine barrel planter I had for a couple of years. I filled the planter full of soil. You could use a saucer from a planter bottom, a galvanized bucket, a serving tray, or pretty much any container you may have. It’s a great time for really getting creative with whatever fun little things that you may have on hand. Glass rocks, marbles, artificial flowers, old tea cups, plants, shells, rocks, pine cones and more.

A small birdhouse, little fairies, tiny shells, moss covered rocks, a bag of moss, some artificial flowers. My favourite is a cute little ladybug tire swing.

You will be able to find items that are ideal for a fairy garden project at craft stores, garden supply centres and at dollar stores sometimes. Also Palmate’s Fairy Garden Store is an online store that delivers quickly and has a great selection. You may also want to search for dollhouse items in secondhand stores. Not all of the items can be used outdoors, however I did find some perfect little miniature terra cotta pots.

It is very important that your miniature fairy garden design be laid out roughly first before you start to plant. I took a stick and drew out in the dirt where the path would go and the house and then filled the areas around those spaces with plants.

We next started to place items and do the planting. We created a small garden path using crushed up seashells that resembled small stone. The girls then start to add in accessories. You don’t typically use small fairies with a fairy garden. However, we had a couple of small ceramic fairies from a birthday party that we had last year, and they look very pretty inside of our garden.