Great Home DIY Ideas

The best thing that ever happened to creative minds is DIY projects. This does not mean that only creative minds can indulge in such things. There are many ideas for you to explore and exploit and at the end of if your home becomes better. It does not happened what your goal is but DIY projects are good for fun, decoration and even efficiency.

Bird Feeder Wreath

A circular mold, wide ribbon, some birdseed, and some melted suet are all you need to help feed our feathery friends over the winter months.

Upside-Down Tomato Planter

Just save your plastic soda bottles, cut the bottoms off, ease in a tomato plant seedling, and pour in some earth. Then hang it up, water it regularly, and watch your tomatoes grow! This also works well for herbs and peppers.)

Yarn-Wrapped Painted Jars

Wrap some yarn or twine around a jar, paint it, and peel the yarn away once it’s dry: you’ll be left with a gorgeous luminary for tea lights or candles.

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You can revamp your living space and give it a new lease of life thanks to pillows. You can actually make and decorate pillows for that stylish and affordable home upgrade. You do not need to have great sewing skills because its all about ready made covers.

DIY Potato Stamped Pillow

Get stamping with to create your own custom patterned pillow by cutting a potato in half and carving out a shape, such as the cross, heart or star and stamp your new design onto a pillow case using fabric paint.

DIY Faux Fur Envelope Pillow

Add some texture to your space with a glam faux fur 12″ x 18″ envelope pillow that is made out of half a yard of faux fur fabric.

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A wall is a blank space that also needs to be exploited whether it is in the kitchen or the living room. You can have a chalkboard in the kitchen and pictures in the living room.

Kitchen: Chalkboard Cupboard

Take a little chalkboard paint to the inside of your kitchen cabinet, and suddenly, you have a place to keep track of grocery lists, baking measurements, or phone numbers. Mandi, of Tidbits from the Tremaynes, used leftover molding to hang measuring cups and teaspoons, giving her a little extra shelf space for the important things (like chocolate chips).

Living Room: Gallery Wall

Blank walls are boring and stale and we know you have piles of photos that are just waiting to be organized and framed. Pick your favorites and arrange a gallery wall over your couch, mantle, entertainment center— or wherever there’s an expanse of plain white paint. Don’t limit yourself to just pictures—you can frame travel mementos, postcards, or inspirational posters, too.

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