Why You Should Buy Major Appliances As A Bundle

When it comes to purchasing major appliances for your home there are several brands you can choose from such as LG, Samsung, GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, Viking and others. It may seem a bit scary purchasing all of them at once but it can be well worth it. There are many benefits to buying your appliances as a bundle package.

First of all, if you buy them as a package you will be certain that everything will match correctly. Every year each manufacturer will come out with a new lineup. Although there may be a lot of similarities between last years and the new line you may not be able to get an exact match of you buy each appliance one at a time. The shade of stainless steel in the new line may be a slightly different color which will not look right in your kitchen.

If you elect to buy all of your appliances at the same time you have a little ammunition going into the showroom. The sales manager will be more likely to work with the pricing if you are buying all of your appliances at once. We have seen discounts as high as thirty percent in some instances. That can add up to a lot of money. Of course, the biggest concern that most people have about bundling is their ability to pay for it. Lets face it, not everyone is able to fork over thousands of dollars to buy all of their major appliances at once. That is why we suggest checking out the current financing offers that the showroom has.

Almost every appliance retailer will offer 12 months financing with no interest. If you visit them around holidays such as Memorial Day they will more than likely have specials and extended financing offers such as 36 months same as cash. With the leverage you have buying as a bundle you will probably be able to convince them to give you free delivery and installation included in the price. Free installation can save you a few hundred dollars as well.

If you elect not to purchase your appliances as a big bundle the best time to buy them would be towards the end of the year. The manufacturers will be sending the stores next years models. They will then need the extra floor space and will be reducing the floor models. Buying the floor model can save you hundreds of dollars over the regular retail price. The warranty is the exact same as if you bought it brand new. If you ask us, they are still brand new because most of the appliances have never actually been used to cook with or store anything in. So next time you go out for new appliances equip yourself with a little leverage.<.p>